The European project arises from the Italian cooperation expertise between public (Federsanità ANCI) and private (DS MediGroup) entities that have together created the “Atlas of Health” as well as the most important online health operator s community (more than 500.000 healthcare professionals) known asWelfareLink.IT.

The Italian expertise in creating the “Atlas of Health in Italy” (database that comprehends peculiar data of all active healthcare institutions in Italy as well as all data relative to healthcare practitioners, approximately 1.500.000 healthcare professionals), has been used as a model in Europe for the creation of analogous projects, applied to all countries that are members of the union.

The identification of public and private partners, that will ensure quality and compliance to local privacy regulations as well as the implementation of the EU HEALTH KNOWLEDGE BASE upon existing digital platforms, is currently being undergone.  In every member country, the formalisation of a technical commission that will encompass all professions related to healthcare is being establishedand coordinated by EMA -EUROPEAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION that will construct and maintain this archive.

Online Health Operator s Community

The project, with its online WELFARELINK.EU community will enable:

European citizens to:

  • Research and select, within EU countries, the most suitable establishment for ones illness; the best mode to access healthcare assistance in another country and the reimbursement conditions once returned in the country of residence;
  • Compare healthcare systems of countries adhering to the European Union through homogeneous criteria related to establishments and to the scientific value of professionals that operate within them;
  • Research and consult information related to ones illness, derived from a qualified and reliable source, to therapeutical treatments, to diagnostic examinations, to advice enhancing ones compliance and to therapies and prevention indications.
  • Consult local information provided by patient associations
  • Research and compare the healthcare insurance offered by every EU country as well as the available offeramongst multiple countries.

Healthcare operators to:

  • Access information reserved to them, through individual access keys (User Id and Password);
  • Follow formation and updating courses (CME -Continuing Medical Education) provided by training organisations, enabling the obtaining of “credits”, necessary on EU territory.
  • Be informed and have access to job opportunities across EU territory.

Governments, Ministries of Health, Governmental Agencies, Universities and organs representing healthcare professions to:

  • Have access to up-to-date informative tools in order to plan the healthcare expense, compare it to every country s best practice allowing the making of aware decisions in terms of healthcare programming and management.
  • Planning access to Universities and specialisation courses of healthcare operators based upon the real need of individual countries
  • Communicate information and notifications relevant to professional healthcare communities