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ABMS Switzerland (Academy of Business Management)

ABMS Switzerland, the Open University of Switzerland is a modern and dynamic business school in Switzerland, which focuses on all aspects of the management and business industry.

ABMS is a registered, accredited and certified Premier School of Business Studies, management related academic courses and business-oriented language courses for all study levels. AS ABMS Switzerland, the Open University of Switzerland is a primary business and managerial educational Group, so ABMS Switzerland offer as well managerial education in the medical Field, this Include Medical leadership, Nursing Management, Nutrition Management, Rehabilitation Management, Clinical Management, Public Health Management and others.

ABMS Switzerland offers online/Distance education with regular life webinars, which are as well recorded, uploaded to the Online pool and can be watched any time after it during the study, So the Lectures can be attended life or watch recorded. ABMS Switzerland offer all academic Levels (Bachelor, Master and Doctorate). For Further Information, please visit

The Virtual Physiological Human Institute

The Virtual Physiological Human – Network of Excellence (VPHNoE). The  VPH NoE  is a project which aims to help support and progress European research in  …

History VPH Institute | Virtual Physiological Human

VPH NoE  vision and Strategy 2009. This idea was re-proposed and expanded in the STEP roadmap 2009 update entitled “A Vision and Strategy for the VPH in  …

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