Legal Status
Extract from the Legal Status of the European Medical Association

Royal decree on 17/9/90 – “Moniteur Belge” of 10 October 1990 and 28 March 1991
An international foundation pursuing a scientific aim, Law of 25 October 1919
Identification Nr.4534/91

Article 3

The purpose of the European Medical Association is to study European medical resources from both scientific and socio-cultural aspects.

In pursuing its aims, the Association will not be influenced by political, linguistic, philosophical, ethnic or pecuniary considerations.

Members of EMA (therefore) shall remain at liberty to defend, at both national and European levels, specific interests or those of the profession or professional body, which they represent or are members.

Article 5

The Association shall be composed of founding members, other persons admitted subsequently as full members, or other member categories.

The following categories may have the full member status:

  1. Every citizen of a member state of the European Community who holds a doctorate of medicine, surgery or obstetrics, or any other qualification granted by the competent national authority, providing that said qualification confers the right to practice legally in one or other member state of the European Community.
  2. The following categories may have associate member status, without voting rights, represented by a person authorised by the statutes: all legal persons, either public or private law, all medical associations, all institutions able to demonstrate that they pursue activities or hold responsibilities relevant to medial practice, including pharmaceutical and medical equipment industries.
  3. Exceptionally, the Association may admit persons with particular skills able to contribute towards achieving the Association’s purpose.

Article 6
Membership procedure

Membership applicants shall undertake to abide by the statutes and pay annual dues.

Membership applications will be carefully reviewed by one or more members of the Executive Board, acting under the responsibility of the Secretary General. Applicants shall supply upon request any information or other documentation required for the purpose of application appraisal.

Article 9
Member obligations

Active members shall assume no financial obligation or responsibility in respect to financial commitments of the EMA. Full liability rests with the Association, acting through its statutory bodies. Members leaving the Association shall have no claim on its assets.

Article 11
General Assembly

The General Assembly is the main body of the Association.

Article 16
Administration and Management

The EMA is administrated and managed by a Steering Committee and an Executive Bureau.

Article 21
Executive Bureau

The broadest powers to take administrative and other actions on behalf of the Association shall be vested in the Executive Bureau, with the exception of those vested in the General Assembly. The Executive Bureau shall establish its own internal organisation and operating rules.