Spain is the third largest country in western Europe. The Spanish mainland is bordered by France on the north and Portugal on the west side. Global health indicators in Spain have been improving steadily since the 1970s.

The average life expectancy is one of the highest in the world and mortality rates have been decreasing since the mid-1970s to reach a rate very similar to EU average levels.

The top three causes of death in Spain since 1970 have been cardiovascular diseases, cancer and respiratory diseases


Capital: Madrid
Geographical size: 505.990,7 km2
Population: 46.507.760 (2014)
Population as % of total EU population: 9,2 % (2014)
GDP: € 1.023 trillion (2013)
Official EU language(s): Spanish
Political system: Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
EU member country since: 1 January 1986
Seats in the European Parliament: 54
Currency: Eurozone member since 1 January 1999
Schengen area member? Yes, Schengen Area member since 26 March 1995
Presidency of the Council:  Spain has held the revolving presidency of the Council of the EU 4 times between 1989 and 2010