The WHO Country Office Latvia (keywords: PVO Eiropas reģionālais birojs, PVO pārstāvniecība Latvijā, Pasaules Veselības organizācija Latvija, Sabiedrības veselība Latvijā) was established in 1991 in Riga to serve as a direct link between the Government of Latvia and WHO. The Country Office is the focal point for WHO activities in Latvia and the Country team consists of 2 staff members.

After independence in 1991, Latvia initially moved to create a social health insurance type system. However, problems with decentralized planning and fragmented and inefficient financing led to this being gradually reversed, and ultimately the establishment in 2011 of a National Health Service type system.

The main causes of death in Latvia are diseases of the circulatory system, malignant tumors and external causes.


Capital: Riga
Geographical size: 64.562 km2
Population: 2.001.468 (2014)
Population as % of total EU population: 0,4 % (2014)
GDP: € 23.372 billion (2013)
Official EU language(s): Latvian
Political system: Parliamentary Republic
EU member country since: 1 May 2004
Seats in the European Parliament:  8
Currency: Eurozone member since 1 January 2014
Schengen area member? Yes, Schengen Area member since 21 December 2007
Presidency of the Council:  Latvia holds the revolving presidency of the Council of the EU for the first time in 2015