Regulation of the health care system in France is conducted by the statutory health insurance funds and the state, which consists of the parliament, the government and ministries.

The life expectancy at birth in France is close to average for males in Europe and above average for women. However, tobacco smoking rates remain high in France with statistics indicating 32% of men and 26% of women smoke daily.

In 2012, a report in France called for action to reduce adult smoking rates to 15% by 2025.


Capital: Paris
Geographical size: 632.833,6 km2
Population: 65.856.609 (2014)
Population as % of total EU population: 13 % (2014)
GDP: € 2.060 trillion (2013)
Official EU language(s):  French
Political system: Semi-presidential Republic
EU member country since:  1 January 1958
Seats in the European Parliament: 74
Currency: Eurozone member since 1 January 1999
Schengen area member? Yes, Schengen Area member since 26 March 1995
Presidency of the Council:  France has held the revolving presidency of the Council of the EU 12 times between 1959 and 2008