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Date(s) - 02/05/2018 - 09/05/2018
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List of Lecturers


Stephan v. Bandemer, Cofounder and first CEO of Institute Arbeit und Technik, Head of Health De-mand and Supply Research Unit, Formerly Head of Innovation, and Internationalization in Health Economy. Former CEO of DVPW (German Association for Political Sciences and Member of University of Hamburg)


Karl Bechter, Professor for Psychiatry, Ulm University Specialist in Psychiatry and Neurology and in Psychotherapeutic Medicine., now retired but continuing Psycho-neuro- immunology research pro-jects including EU-funded extended clinical CSF studies in severe mental illness, Mild Encephalitis hypothesis, Peripheral CSF outflow (PCOP) hypothesis (relevance of CSF signaling via PCOP in neuro-inflammation and pain research; plus tinnitus research)


Francesco Benedetti, Professor of Psychiatry, and General Psychopathology University Vita-Salute San Raffaele. MD (University of Modena, 1991) Head of the Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences San Raffaele Hospital in Milano, Key research on the interface between neurosciences and behavioral disorders. Areas of expertise encompass Clinical Psychobiology, Brain Imaging, Genetics and respon-se to psychiatric treatments, Pharmacology, Neuropsychology, Neurophysiology, genetic correlates of psychopathological conditions.


Marie-Madeleine Bernard, MD. Fr & USA, Specialties in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism in Canada and France. Long years in drug development as medical director of multinational pharma-ceutical companies and drug reviewer at Health Canada. Founder of PACE 2000 Foundation in 1992 (Programs for Autonomy and Communication for the Elderly.


Frank F. Bier, Prof., Chair Person University, and Fraunhofer Institute for applied Bioelektronics and Biochip Technology, Potsdam. At his institute Founder of the Unit for Molecular Bio-analysis and Head the Department of Biosystem Integration und Process Automatization. Formerly national Bio-technology Research Centre (GBF/HFI) Braunschweig and Frieder Scheller Biosensor Group MDC in Berlin. Key research: Nanobiotechnology, Chip-Technology and laboratory as well as real world applications of Biosensors.


Markus Bönig, Dr., Economist, Founder, and CEO of vitabook, an innovative e-platform for the improvement of communication between patients and physicians.


Winrich Breipohl, Prof., retired since 2006, various Universities in Germany, Australia, and US, Insti­tute Arbeit und Technik (Gelsenkirchen) and Founder of Health Bridges Across the Bosporus confe-rences on behalf of German DAAD, DFG and Rectors Conference. Vice-President of European Medical Association and European Recreation and Health Valley GmbH. Member of European Academy of Sciences and Arts. Scientific Advisor Medical Park Ruhr, invited Project Director Institute for Thera-peutic Communication (Prof. H. Schröder) Steinbeis University Berlin. Member of EU Project BioS.


Martin Brüne, Prof. Dr. med., Ruhr-University Bochum, Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, and Preventive Medicine. Member of Centre for Magnetic Resonance and Interdisciplinary Neurosciences Research Unit. Key clinical research in neuro- and molecular Biology plus Obsession and Psycho-Social Beha-vior.


Stefan Brunnhuber, MD, PhD, Dr. med. habil., CMO one of the largest hospital in integral mental Health in Saxonia. Endowed Professor for Psychology and Sustainabiltiy. Member of the World Aca-demy of Science and Arts (WAAS), European academy and Arts and Science (EASA) and Club of Rome (Austrian chapter). After vocational training as medical first responder at the Red Cross and as a car mechanic in Germany and the USA, graduated medical school and studied socioeconomics in tandem (student of Lord R. Dahrendorf). Dr rer. soc., Board-certified specializations (psychiatry, psychosoma-tics) and over 12 clinical sub-specializations. Integral approach, including mind-body medicine, natu-ropathy, and conventional medicine. Special management skills in human resources, corporate social and sustainability scripts; further activities in post-growth scenarios, risk-analysis, psychology of sus-tainability, monetary ecosystems, and transformative societal processes. Over 300 publications and presentations. An evolutionary and integral approach in economics and psychology has led to several academic appointments; Former visiting fellow/member at the C. G. Jung Institute (CH), PPKE (HU), MAYO, UCLA (USA), Beijing (CN), Vice-chairman of the European Institute of Health (EiH). “Internati-onal Scientist of the Year 2003”; “Living Science Award 2004”; “International Peace Prize 2004”; Sci-entific advisor to the EU-Commission (2009); Founding member Alma Mater Europe-ae (2011); Sena-tor (elected 2015-) of the European Academy of Science and Arts (EASA). As practicing Buddhist and Catholic his professional activities are embedded into the mystical traditions and practices of the perennial Eastern and Western philosophies.


Ömür Bütev Dolgun Professor, Music Pedagogue, Concert Pianist, and Composer. Dokuz Eylul Uni-versity, TR, Mozarteum Academy Salzburg, AT; Pianist Martin Berkofsky Fellowhip, USA; Manas University, Kyrgyzstan. Director of Fine Arts Education Department Artvin Coruh University. Nume-rous excellence awards. Recent research on Music Therapy in ADHS und Autism.


Vincenzo Costigliola Dr. of Medicine, General Practitioner, Medical Consultant for Italian Citizens living in Belgium, long standing President of European Medical Association, head of multiple Euro-pean Medical Workshops, Conferences, and grant projects.


Hemmo Drexhage PhD, Emeritus Professor, Clinical Immunology, Erasmus Centre Rotterdam. Key Re-search in Immuno-Neuro-Endocrinology and psychiatric disorders; importance of aberrant immune cells and innate mild T-cell deficiencies in depression, bipolar syndromes, and schizophrenia. Head of the multinational EU projects MOODINFLAME/PSYC and MOODSTRATIFICATION 2018 – 2022, highly distinguished scientific publisher and PhD supervisor.


Wolfgang Ellenberg, Dr. med., Physician and Music Therapist, Specialty Internal Medicine, and Psy-chiatry and Psychotherapy, Professional Music education, Founder of the platform Doctor`s Talent.


Angelos H. Halaris, M.D., Prof. for Psychiatry, Loyola University Chicago. Stritch School of Medicine, Head of World Psychiatric Association –Immunology Section, Member of European Academy of Sci-ences and Arts, and many other professional societies, numerous awards, and research grants: More than 300 refereed publications and 4 books. Key research on psychoneuroimmunology and de-presssion and stress related disorders


Reiner Haus, Dr. rer. medic. (Univ. Witten-Herdecke / Germany), Dr. h.c. (Univ. Liepaja / Latvia)
Music therapist (M.A.), Rehabilitation Scientist (B.A.). Previously: Director Music Therapy Unit Chil-dren Hospital Datteln / Germany (1993-2015), Founder and chair of the Music Therapy Master Pro-gram Univ. Liepaja / Latvia (1999-2006, Scientific advisor Univ. Liepaja / Latvia 2006-2015, Guest lecturer at University of Hawaii, Medical School, and Hawaii Pacific University 2007-2015, Currently advisor for development rehabilitation and trauma therapy in Jordanian refugee camp Christlian Exe-cutive Agency of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Michael Heinrich, Prof. Dr. and Head of Unit, Ethnopharmacologist and Anthropologist, Pharma-

cog-nosy UCL School of Pharmacy, former president of the International Society of Ethnopharma-cology, Joint Chair for Research Ethics (UCL), Executive Committee member in European University Consortium for Pharmaceutical Sciences.


Thomas Heintze, Dr. med., Physician Internal Medicine, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, and Acupunc-ture. Studies of Medicine, Psychology and Philosophy at University of Düsseldorf, interregional Prac-tice for Holistic Medicine


Bernd Honermeier, Prof. plus chair person, Institute of Agronomy and Plant Bree-ding, Biomedical Research Centre Seltersberg, Justus Liebig University Giessen, DE since 1998. Key research on quality, breeding and cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants plus on sustainable cultivation of cereals and legume crops.


Irus Illmer, Physician, Specialties: Internal Medicine, General Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy, own medical Practice, Medical Lead of Niederrhein Congresses


György Irmey, Dr. med., Specialty General Medicine and Naturopathy, Medical Director of Society for Biological Cancer Defeat


Klaus-Peter Jünemann, Prof. Dr. med., University of Kiel, Head and chairperson in Urology and pedia-tric Urology, Clinical key areas: Uro-Oncology, robotic assisted Surgery, Incontinence, Andrology, be-nign prostate hypertrophy and Histoscanning. Formerly Universities of Marburg, San Francisco, and Heidelberg. Several EU founded research projects, medical awards and more than 300 scientific pub-lications. President of German Continence Society.


Ulrike Keim Dr. med., Physician, Specialty Internal Medicine, Homeopathy and Naturopathy, own pri-vate Practice, Board member of International Society for Naturopathy and Cultural Healing.


Patricia Krinninger, Dr. rer. nat. Nutritional science and home economist, Chinese medicine and dietetic advice


Marianne Krug, Physician, Specialty General Medicine, Naturopathy and Homeopathy, own private Practice, Thai-Chi. Travel, and Tropical Medicine. Founder and head of the Patient Academy “Akana” (Academy for Naturopathy, in Frankfurt/Main, Initiator of the Naturopathy Network for patients with cancer: “Cancer-Walk and Talk”. Laughter Yoga therapist


Dieter Lazik Dr. rer. nat., Biologist in Sports Sciences, Key area: spine column research, scientific member of Institute for Sports Medicine and Prevention. Alternative Practitioner for sports medicine and Prevention. Supervision of Champion League and World Cup athletes


Andrew Lichtenthal, Physician, Specialty, Surgery and Sports Medicine, St. Vinzenz Hospital Hanau, Head Physician in the German Athletics Sports Association.


Thomas Loew Prof. Dr. med., Head, and chairperson of Psychosomatics University Regensburg. Psy-chiatrist and Psychoanalyst. Cop-editor of the Journal of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. President of the German Society for medical Hypnosis and autogenous training. Vice-President of the Association of European Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy.


Michaela Ludwig Dr. med., Physician, Specialty General Medicine, Naturopathy, Homeopathy in own Practice, President of the International Society for Naturopathy, and Cultural Healing.


Giovanni Maio Prof. Dr. med., chairperson for Medical Ethics and History of Medicine, Albert Lud-wigs University Freiburg, Specialty Internal Medicine, and Philosophy.


Angelika Messner, Prof. Dr., Head, and chairperson of the China Centre at University of Kiel. Special-ties: Sinology, Medical History, and Anthropology. President of the International Association for the Study of Asian Medicine.


Thomas Ots, Dr. med. Dr. phil., Physician, Specialties General Medicine, Psychosomatics, Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture. Chief Editor Deutsche Zeitschrift für Akupunktur.


Andrea Pensotti Dr., Sapienza University, Life Science Institute / Group Lab Director: Interdisciplinary Biology Systems


Franz Porzsolt, Prof. Dr. med., Vorstandsvorsitzender ICE e.V., Institute of Clinical Economics

Schwarzenbergstrasse 135, 89081 Ulm, www.clinical-economics.com


Kerstin Rusch Dr. med., Physician, Specialty General Medicine, own Practice, Acting CEO, and share-holder at MVZ (Medical Service Centre) institute for Mikroecology, Herborn


Volker Schmiedel Dr. med., Specialty Internal Medicine, Until 2015 Head Physician Internal Medicine Habichtswald-Hospital Kassel. Physician in the Ambulatory “Paramed” in Baar (Suisse), Head of the Continued Education in Naturopathy Unit during Medizinische Woche (Medical Week Baden Baden) of International Society of Naturopathy and Cultural Healing, Coeditor of the Journal “Erfahrungs-heilkunde” and of the Guideline Naturopathy


Marion Schneider Prof. Dr. rer nat., University of Ulm, Department of Anesthesia, Molecular Diag-nostics, SNP Polymorphism and Medication


Susanne Schnitzer Dr. med., Physician, Specialty Internal Medicine, Biological Medicine, Scenarthe-rapy, since 2013 own Practice. Instructor for the network Microbiology Therapy


Hartmut Schröder Prof. Dr. phil., chairperson, Pragmatic und Therapeutic Communication, European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder), Specialties in Relaxation Therapy, Dietetic Treatment, Music, and Sound Therapy, Hypnocoaching, Psychotherapy (psychogenic healing), President of the Inter-national Society for Naturopathy and Cultural Healing.


Marlen Schröder, Physician, Specialty General Medicine, own Practice, Exams in Vegetative Func-tional Diagnostics, Biological Medicine, Neural Therapy, Acupuncture, Relaxation Therapy, Dietetic Treatment, Music andSound Therapy, Hypnocoaching and Psychotherapy (psychogenic healing).


Christian Schubert Prof. Dr. med., Physician and Psychotherapist, Head of the Laboratory for Psy-choneurimmunology Medical University Innsbruck, Austria


Songul Secer, Dr. med., Physician, Specialty: Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Head of Telemedicine at DEGEDI (Deutsche Gesundheitsdienste = German Health Care Services), Head Cardiology Physician Augusta Hospital Bochum. Formerly Head Physician at the Cardiology and Diabetes Centre Bad Oeyn-hausen and Institute for Applied telemedicine, EVK Duisburg and West-German Centre for Applied Tele-Medicine (WZAT)


Kuan Pin-Su, MD, Phd, Professor, China Medical University Hospital, Taichung, Taiwan, 2017 Vice Dean of  College of Medicine, Director and Head, Mind-Body Interface Research Centre, China Me-dical University Hospital, Honorary Professor Institute for Psychiatry-King’s College London. President of TSNPR (Taiwan Society for Nutritional Psychiatry Research). Board member of ISSFAL (Internatio-nal Society for the Study of Fatty Acids and Lipids)


Alexandros Tilikidis Dr. med., Physician, Specialty: Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine, Chi-nese Medicine (Tianjin University), Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine, Head of private Academy for ancient Greek Medicine and traditional Chinese Medicine in Athens


Dagmar Uecker Dr. med., Physician, specialty Internal Medicine, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, own Practice, scientific publications on Alchemy and Quantum Philosophy


Tai June Yoo, Prof., University degrees in Liberal Arts and Sciences and Medicine in Seoul, Korea, and Biophysics at the University California in Berkely, USA. Since 1959 multiple postgraduate qualificati-ons and high ranked academic appointments (Research Director, Clinical Professorships, Program Directors, Division Chief) in Medicine, Allergology, Immunology, Bioengineering, Microbiology, Neu-rosciences) at several reputed American Universities and the California Institute of Technology. In addition, since 1995 Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, DaeDuck, Korea, Prof. of Medi-cine at Ajou University, Suwon, Korea, Prof. of Otolaryngology and Co-Director of Research at Univ-ersity of Tennessee, Memphis, USA. Board member of StemGen® USA and Korea and Advisory Board of EUREHVA®


Nikolaos Zamboglou Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Dr. med., Academic grades in Physics and Medicine. Formerly Institute of Communication and computer Systems National University Athens, President German Society for Radio-Oncology and German Centre for Oncology, Workforce lead in EU program Digital Skills on Computational Biology for Health Professionals.


Karl-Ernst Zippelius Dr. med., Sports Medicine Hospital Wien, Head Traditional Chinese Medicine Am-bulatory Austrian Institute of Sports Medicine. Medical Co – Attendant of professional soccer and other sports teams and ballett dancers . Specialties in Orthopedics and Traumatology in Firenze/Italy, Director and Violinist of the Music Ensemble Cosma Damiano and Violinist of the World Doctors Or-chestra (WDO)


A number of additional active participants with thematically related topics and high ranked representatives from the wider health sector have not yet decided about attendance , but will have done so by the beginning of Janu-ary.