manentiDear EMA’s friends,

The European Medical Association (EMA) has been founded in 1990 by doctors with the sole aim to serve doctors interests. EMA s objective is to improve information sharing among medical professionals and to encourage their collaboration and mobility at European level. For over 25 years, the association


has achieved this by contributing to and organising events, publishing thematic reports and working closely with policy-makers on issue related to healthcare provision and promotion.

Nowadays globalisation is affecting more and more healthcare services and their delivery. Good health for everybody has become a desirable international goal and patients are increasingly willing to travel abroad to receive the best possible care. In this new paradigm, doctors play a pivotal role in providing the right information at the right time. As a result, having a worldwide network and establishing collaborations have become paramount for doctors to fulfil their patients demands.

That is why EMA decided to take up a new challenge and to expand its activities to the global level, by launching the Global Medical Association (GMA) on January 1st 2017. This new association will remain faithful to EMA’s aims and objectives. It will focus, among other initiatives linked to global health issues, on one main product: the International Healthcare Directory. This online database would enable you to search for fellow doctors, specialties, sub-special competences and expertise, healthcare providers, as well as language knowledge and respective geographical locations. Furthermore, the database would include a directory of medical travel agents, insurances, vacancies, research projects, partnerships and funding opportunities.

To be part of this, join EMA today by becoming a member!

In addition to the International Healthcare Directory, membership will give you access to a wide range of benefits, such as discounts to congresses and conferences, books, EMA certificate, etc., and the opportunity to be part of a well-recognised and reputed community worldwide and gain inside knowledge into the medical sector latest advances. Furthermore, as EMA member you will get a free membership for the Global Medical Association (GMA) for the year 2017.

To become a member, please register on EMA website ( and pay the annual subscription fee following the provided instructions.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Looking forward to continuously improving together with you our profession


Yours faithfully,

Prof.  Angelo Manenti

EMA General secretary